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  • "A fascinating window on to a forgotten media world" 4The Guardian
  • "Errol Morris lays bare the relations between press and victim in an extraordinary film about the Joyce McKinney scandal" 4The Times
  • "Tabloid is raucous, fast moving and very, very funny." – Empire
  • "It’s been a long time since he’s had a subject this outrageously wonderful, and a film this outrageously good." – Indiewire
  • "This is too smart and enjoyable to cavil. " – Time Out
  • "The whole saga of Joyce McKinney and the Manacled Mormon is so fabulously batshit-crazy from top to toe that, whoever you choose to believe, it feels miles too good to be true." – Popbitch
  • "Tabloid lives up to the scurrilous promise of its title – but it also unfolds a mystery that is as profound as the human heart" 4Eye for Film
  • "Hugely enjoyable, frequently funny and luridly fascinating documentary that's utterly riveting from beginning to end" 4View London

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Joyce McKinney